At Gravesend and Dartford Nurseries we cater for babies up to 2 years. Our Baby Room is a bright and welcoming environment with lots of space for your baby to explore. There are also cosy areas for quieter times and a spacious garden to enable them to enjoy exploring outside.

“Lovely place, lovely staff, my son comes out happy so that says everything!”


There is a more flexible routine for these children and they are all given more free play interaction with the staff to build a good relationship. They are also given times throughout the day to experience craft, messy sensory play and garden time.

Daily Routine

9.00amFree Play
9.30amGreeting time
10.00amSnack time 
10.30am Garden time 
11.00amCraft and activity time 
11.30amMusic and Movement/ Storytime/ Group time 
12 noonLunchtime 
12.30pmSleep time/ free play 
2.20pmSnacks and drinks 
2.30pmCraft and activity time
3.30pmFree play/group time
4.30pmFree Play

Children's Trays

Within the baby room, each child is given three trays: one in the milk kitchen for their powder milks, beaker, bottles etc; one in the main room for their spare clothes, comforters, dummies etc; and one for their nappies, wipes, cream etc. These trays are solely used for your child and each tray is labelled with your child’s name.


Within the baby room, we have a weaning plan for young babies/children. Our weaning plan is divided up into six areas from four months to one year of age, which meets each step from baby rice to puréed fruit and vegetables, to lumps, to finger foods and then onto full solids. However, we are happy to follow other weaning plans, such as Baby Led and will liaise with parents/carers as needed.


Within the baby room we encourage children to take part in a range of activities to aid their sensory development; fine and gross motor skills; and hand to eye co-ordination. Some of the fun activities we do in the baby room include sand; water; play dough; gloop; cereal; body painting; baked bean play; spaghetti play; box play; free painting; sticking; free drawing; music and movement; and the sensory room.

Garden Time

We like to get the babies into the garden as much as possible to encourage their physical development. The babies are given the opportunity to run around in their own secure play area, which is safely secured by a high fence, gates and sponge flooring. There are slides, see-saws, bikes, pushchairs, balls, hoops, dolls house, digging area, water and sand areas for the babies to explore.

Care Plans

Before any children start in the baby room, parents are asked to fill out a care plan which tells the baby room staff about your child. It allows staff to gain information such as what your child’s milk and drinks are, what stage of eating they are at (if they are on solids) or whether they need to be started on a weaning plan, which can then be discussed. Also, in the plan are sleep times and how they like to go off to sleep (i.e. rocked off, patted or laying down); the use of any comforters; any allergies your child may have; food likes/dislikes; and general information you wish to share with baby room staff to best help them look after your child.

Sleep Time

Children are encouraged to sleep after lunch, so that they get the most out of the day but, as the children are so young, they are allowed to have sleep time when they need it. If they fall asleep or become tired, provision will be made for them within the room for a sleep. The baby area has a sleep room containing cots, as well as travel cots and small beds. Fresh bedding is provided each day by the Nursery. All the sleepers are monitored every ten minutes to ensure that the children’s sleep pattern is constant and not disturbed.


In the baby room, we like to go on outings which coincide with our topic and will include anything from a teddy bear’s picnic to a trip to the zoo, beach or farm. All consent forms will be given to you at the time the outings are booked. Please note that when travelling in the minibus, you must provide a car seat.

Bottles/ Milk/ Drinks

The baby room has their own milk kitchen to prepare any milk feeds for young babies. Bottles are prepared by the Baby Room staff in accordance with the latest guidelines. Drinks are provided by the Nursery in beakers and milk and water are always available whenever your child requires it.

“My fourth child attends this nursery – she is as happy here as her brothers were. An excellent nursery, staff are lovely and I would recommend them to fellow mummies and daddies.”