Early Years Foundation Study (EYFS)


Play is the activity children enjoy most and from which they learn most. Therefore, the Nursery aims to provide an environment that will foster a child’s physical, emotional, social and language development in line with the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, which will then lead on to the four specific areas of learning. These areas are Literacy, Understanding the World, Expressive Art and Design and Mathematics.


Activities will be flexible and open-ended in order to take into account the differing stages of development and the abilities of all individual children. They will reflect a variety of races and cultures within the Nursery and will be equally available to all children.

As the various aspects of development are to some extent inter-related, one activity may well serve to stimulate more than one area of development. Therefore, children will be free to choose from a variety of activities. Activities will be planned with the following in mind: feature positive images of male and female people, from a range of backgrounds and abilities, include a range of raw materials to promote creativity and problem solving, enable children to develop their individual potential, include child sized tools and other equipment to ensure they have real life experiences and to conform with all relevant safety regulations.


Our IConnect system allows us to video and photograph the children at play in order to capture images of their learning as it takes place. Their key person then tracks their progress and development into the EYFS Framework which supported by our IConnect system. This system can be viewed at anytime by parents/carers and reports on every child’s development can be requested from the system as and when needed.