At both Dartford and Gravesend Nurseries we have well equipped and spacious toddler rooms for children aged 2-3 years


There is a more structured routine for all the children in the toddler’s room and all are encouraged to sit for short periods at an activity.

Daily Routine

9.00amFree Play
9.45amGarden time
10.00amSnack time 
10.20am Craft and activity time
11.30amCircle time 
12 noonLunchtime 
1.00pmSleep time/ free play 
1.30pmCraft and activity time
2.00pmSnacks and drinks
2.15pmFree play
2.45pmGarden play
4.30pmFree Play

Potty Training

When you feel your child is ready for potty training, please discuss with a member of staff and we can work together to ensure we carry on what you are doing at home. 

Children's Trays

Within the toddler room, each child is given trays, one in the main room for their spare clothes, comforters, dummies and their amazing artwork etc; and one for their nappies, wipes, cream etc. These trays are solely used for your child and each tray is labelled with your child’s name.


In the toddler room, we like to go on outings which coincide with our topic and will include anything from a nature walk to a visit to the farm. All consent forms will be given to you at the time the outings are booked. Please note that when travelling in the mini bus you must provide a car seat. A large outside play area is available where children can participate in a variety of activities. A wide range of activities are also available throughout the day indoors, including sensory play with natural materials.


Within the toddler room we encourage children to take part in a range of activities to aid their sensory development; fine and gross motor skills; and hand to eye co-ordination. Some of the fun activities we do in the toddler room include sand; water; play dough; gloop; cereal; body painting; baked bean play; spaghetti play; box play; free painting; sticking; free drawing; music and movement; and the sensory room.

“Lovely friendly staff, beautifully laid out nursery. The staff have been very welcoming to my little girl, couldn’t thank you enough!”